There's nothing like a day at the beach with two photographers.

Courtney and I stumbled into a friendship because of our husbands and their love for motorcycle racing.  In the midst of parties and bonfires we formed a friendship--and then her family relocated to Florida.  We haven't let that stop us from packing up our camera's and making time to be together.

This past week we did just that.  We frolicked on the beach, snapped photos and chased around children.

Courtney is my photography critique partner.  We've agreed to receive and give one another creative criticism on our work.  We cheer each other on towards our individual big dreams for our business and are one another's biggest supporters.

You can visit her photography blog at Courtney Hizey Photography

How about you?  Have you found the cheerleader that your business needs?

I'm convinced the camaraderie makes all the difference.

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