Into A Tattoo Parlor I Go

almost done with round one

Yes.  The hot dude in the photo above is my amazing husband.  Poor guy gets to be my session Guinea pig on all these new and crazy ideas that pop into my head. Love you babe. :)

It has begun...  this was my first photo-shoot inside of a tattoo parlor.  I must confess, I was a little worried about the lighting but like usual, my fears were overrated.  I wanted to test it out to see if documenting tattoo's for other people might be something that I would consider.

What a blast I had.  

I was grateful that Christy was so kind to allow me to photograph her as she worked.  She is such an amazing artist.  (We won't go to anyone else for our ink).  She's been tattooing on us for close to seven years now.

You can visit her gallery here.


In case you were wondering.. the tattoo wasn't done "just" for my photo taking joys.  My hubby is slowly working on a half sleeve.  

after break

The vote:  YES I will go with you and be a part of documenting this awesome experience for you should this perk your interest.


  1. Love the post and pics. One of the first posts on my blog is photos I took of my hubby getting a tattoo, also! :) I'm coming on over from a comment you left on Gail Werner's blog. Good luck with the launch of your business. <3

    1. Thanks so much Michele for stopping by and introducing yourself. I'm really hoping to connect with other photographers. Can't wait to travel to your website and say Hello!

  2. Seeing these pics, I can't help but wonder...who does Christy's ink?!

  3. you got some really cool photos here.


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