10 Things To Remember When Photographing A Track Day ~ Event Photographer

For those wondering what it's like for a spectator at the track, I'm here to fill you in.  These are my top 10 things to remember when photographing the track.

1.  Don't forget sunscreen-no matter how hidden she seems, the sun always wins in the end.  My legs bear witness to this fact and yes I wore sunscreen.

2. Make sure you bring drinks and snacks to keep the kiddos (and riders) happy.  Twizzlers are always a winner.

3. Learn from your friends and bring a bicycle so that you can get from one place to another quickly so that you don't miss any great shots.

4. Sometimes a red flag just means someone can't get his bike far enough off of the road, while other times it means an ambulance is needed.

5. Always Always Always capture the wrecks.  

6. The first time around the track is simply a warm-up.  Better shots come with round 2.

7. When watching with other spectators, don't count (out-loud) your friends (when you see a red flag) and they haven't spotted their special someone yet.

8. When doing a group shot... be more specific about what "group" you are capturing.

9. Research how to crop people out of photos in photoshop.

10. Remember you are spending the day with a bunch of men.  Don't forget that men can be... men. 


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