Before A Photo-Shoot ~This Girl Is Going Places ~ Raleigh Fashion Photographer

Just talking with Carrie, and hearing of her big dreams inspires me.  Before her shoot, like I do with all my clients... I sat down and made a list.  These lists help me be able to bring just the right props for just the right personality!  I grabbed paper and pen and scribbled down some of the things that came to mind when thinking of Carrie:

Dreamer ~ Cute ~ Fashionista ~ Colorful ~ Polka-dots ~ Pink

Wildflower ~ Bright ~ Traveler ~ Giver ~ Fearless ~Smiles

Passionate ~ Inspirational ~ Encourager

Carrie wanted me to capture her unique "style/brand" so I knew that there would be lots of clothing changes and plenty of time for props to be moved around here and there.  I immediately thought of my green vintage suitcases.  Because... this girl is going places!

When I showed up at her house, Carrie was already in the process of printing out a few inspirational signs that she wanted to be captured with... which I thought was brilliant and totally "her."

Before a photo-shoot (with a little bit of extra thought) you can add a message to your session.  What creative props have you added lately?


  1. Your photos are beautiful- better and better each time I scroll through!! You are gifted!

    1. Awww thank you friend! Can't wait to capture you next month :)


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