I Take Pictures of Naked Women | Raleigh Boudoir Photographer | Raleigh Family Portrait Photographer

I'm going to just put this out there... I take pictures of naked women.  I can hear you all gasping.  Shocking huh? 

I also take photos of families, innocent and fun families, and guess what?  They are always fully dressed.  

So, how do the two mix?  Very carefully and with one secret ingredient. 

They both include ... women!  I mean, seriously, who else would care to have a photo of their huge bellies at the most miserable time of pregnancy?  Who else would want to remember the most painful event (childbirth) in their lives by video taping it?  Women.

We are a unique breed. 

So whether or not you want your picture taken with your mans arms around you, making silly faces with your son on your husbands shoulders, or laying in a corset with hair and makeup done, we are still women.

Gorgeous and complicated.  


  1. Agreed, beautifully said. :)

  2. So true!!!! Your photography is so specail and beautifully unquie!!! I love the silly faces;)!


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