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A couple of weeks ago I had a friend of mine share one of my blog posts on her Facebook page and she exclaimed so sweetly :) that "everyone should do this at least once."  There was a comment that ruffled both her and my feathers at first glance...  

It was from a man and he said that he disagreed, he didn't think it was right for a woman to have her photos taken like this but even if she did, it shouldn't be by anyone other than her husband in the privacy of their own home.  I didn't reply to him because I do feel that this is a very personal, very private experience.  

The husband and wife that want to tackle their own photos together, good for them!  

They are not my client.  

I'm looking for women who desire coaching.  Women that don't feel photogenic and want to be coerced out of the day to day shell that they find themselves in.  Women looking for a professional, someone that knows how to open their eyes and show them that YES they too can feel and look sexy.  

I want to remind women that changing diapers, waiting tables, or struggling with chemo, does not define them.

So even though some people may disagree with my mission to bring out sensual beauty in the midst of our chaotic lives, its ok with me.  

I'm not out to please everyone.  

That would be totally impossible.  I'm out to please only one-- her, you, my beautiful client needing a break from the chaotic every day.

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