Privacy And The Web | N.C. Boudoir Photographer

Some of you have asked, "Can I get my pictures taken but keep them private?"  I want to make it clear that I do not post ANYTHING up without your permission.  

This experience is all for you.  Every minute of it.  

After editing, if you have already shared with me that you'd be game to have your images on the website, I verify by sending you the exact ones that I am interested in posting up (via email) and should you choose to say yes, only then would your beautiful photos be displayed.  

You choose. 

You choose to say yes or no
You choose to be tagged in them or not
You choose YOUR amount of privacy  

I'm a very private person so I completely understand the concern.  I have taken photos for clients that want all of their images to remain private and for their hubby's eyes only.  

I dig this.  

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