5 Reasons I'm Blogging About Photography For YOU

The Journey Begins

I've been trying to figure out this space here.  What started out as a place to portray my newest images, is evolving into something different.  I've been feeling a switch happen.  I have a website with a Gallery of images, a flickr account for those personal favorites to be explored, and a Facebook Page for recent photoshoots.

But this space is going to be different.

Friends have told me to listen to my intuition.  Follow my heart.  So here we go.  This is me.  I'm passionate about photography but my heart is for people, women specifically.  How do the two intertwine?  I want YOU to pick up YOUR camera.  I want YOU to freeze the everyday ordinary SACRED moments.

So here's 5 reasons I've decided to blog about photography for YOU ::

1.  Learning comes from teaching and Photoshop is an endless treasure chest of lessons to be learned.

2.  I will have to carry my camera with me everywhere.  I cant tell you to do something that I'm not going to be doing.

3.  Community:: I love meeting new people.  I'm thrilled about meeting other photographers, even if they aren't in the NC area.

4.  I love mentoring new photographers and getting them hooked on Nikon :)

5.  New chapters excite me.

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