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So, I know many of you are wondering... what's up with Heathers new "project" of taking pictures of strangers?  Has she lost her mind completely?  Haha some might say so.

Like I've mentioned before, I have this strong passion for convincing women that they are beautiful.  The way that our society has deemed a specific type of body the "right" one to have... makes me sick.  I'm starting this project for me ::

I'm an introvert.

In order to spread my message to the world of women, I need to get past talking to stranger.  I've decided to photograph 100 women, all strangers.  This is my attempt at facing my fear and spreading my message. My passion.  My mission.

I want women to know that they are SEEN.  

Not by creepy men that only say things to ... well you know.  But truly seen and told that they are beautiful.

I will be posting all 100 of these images up on our Facebook page along with the stories surrounding our meeting.

Since I'm announcing the project here, I thought it would be the perfect time to begin those stories.

Stranger #1:

I was sitting outside of Starbucks with my three rambunctious kiddos and I noticed this beautiful woman sitting on the curb.  I think she was reading something on her phone but I'm not certain.  I was captivated by her striking features and decided that it was time.  Time to go up to my first stranger.

By the time I mustered up the courage to ask her if I could take her portrait, she had stood up and was heading into a store.  I'm pretty sure she was heading into Starbucks but I was so nervous that I can't be certain on that.  :)

When I told her that I'd love to photograph her she didn't hesitate and even chatted with me a bit about photography and cake making, which she currently is involved in.  My heart beat wildly, I knew that I was in the company of another artist.

Such a delight.  Looking back, I wish that I would have gotten her name and not run off so quickly but bravery takes time. Right? :)


To keep up with this project and hear the other stories like us on Facebook
Portraits of Strangers :: 100 Women Album

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