Stranger #3 and #4

Stranger #3::

Stranger #3

I was standing outside of my local Target when I saw her and her son walking up. I was first drawn to her hat but then her eyes quickly grabbed my focus. There is a hidden strength beneath them. 

I approached her and chatted a bit about my project, she agreed but first wanted to apply some lip gloss. I loved this little detail!

Her little boy was adorable and said that he wanted a camera like mine. Who knows, I may have just met a future famous photographer. :)

Stranger #4::

stranger #4

I was standing in line at the post office with my husband, preparing to ship off his motorcycle leathers to be repaired and I spotted her.  

A woman standing in front of us, when we made eye contact she smiled.  I knew that I wanted to approach her about being #4.  Her aura seemed to full of light and kindness, a generous and friendly person.  I walked outside (since I prefer natural light) and waited for her to walk out.  

She had a box in her hands so I almost didn't ask her but I felt compelled.  Her response was "sure," and after removing her sunglasses she let me take this portrait.  

I love that she couldn't help but smile.

 then, she {snapped}

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  1. What a cool idea. I'm gonna have to go dig around to see what your little strangers project is about. Thank you so much for linking up.


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