My Five Favorite iPhone Camera Apps

I've always got a camera around (even if it's not the big one).

Chase Jarvis says,
"The best camera is the one that's with you."
And I totally agree!!  Yes.  I know that I need to take out the "big one" more often but even so.. my iPhone is always with me and well, I'm on it a little too much according to some family members. :)

It's totally because I'm a camera girl.  Gotta document those rare moments that fly by way too quickly.  So.. without further ado I thought (since I adore posts like these) I'd share with you my favorite camera/photog apps for the iPhone.  Oh and these aren't in any particular order.

Except for number one...  It's by far my favorite.

#1 Instagram.  Hello.  My name is Heather and I'm addicted to Instagram.  Are you on it?  Have you followed me (@Heathermattern) be warned, I post a lot of pictures.  At least once a day.  It's an addiction.  Some could argue a good one?  I've met some awesome friends through the app, even met up with them in real life. How cool is that?!  Oh and have I mentioned that this one is FREE?

#2 This woman got me addicted to Picfx.  It's what I use when I want to add cool fake bokeh balls or hearts to a romantic shot, my favorite though is the flame.  I dig the flame!  This app is only $1.99

#3 MonoVu is another great FREE app that I use whenever I want Black and White images.  I use this app just about EVERY time I take a street photo with my iPhone cam.  It's also great for adding textures and such to an image.  LOVE.


#4 Instaplus $1.99 and similar to instagram in the area of adding filters to your images BUT with this app you get to do more customizing with a brightening, contrast and saturation tab.

#5 FREE Vintage Camera can you tell that I like free stuff?  This was probably one of the first apps that caught my attention since I'm a sucker for all things vintage.  I think this is why I adore pin-up so much and have a 60's dining room table that I paid way too much for.

So.. there you go.  Go explore and let me know if I've missed any of your favorite photography apps!


  1. love this post, as i am addicted to iphone shooting as well. if you love all things vintage you should try the app vintage scene by jixpix. it's great.
    ok. off to look for you on instagram. i am @urbanmuser

    1. Thank-you! I can't wait to check out the vintage scene app. LOVE finding new apps to explore. Your images are stunning by the way! Stunning!!


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