Sometimes I lose my breath while taking walks.  Having a camera around my neck has taught me to live life with open eyes.  To see instead of passing things over because beauty lay everywhere.  Do you need to be inspired?  Grab a camera (any camera will do) and go hunting for beauty amidst the chaos that is often called life.

No Words...

Traveling Maine on a motorcycle = Magnificent Adventure.  

This year the hubby and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage.  We had to do something crazy (as usual) so we hopped on the back of a motorcycle and went driving north.  The beauty... I have no words, only pictures.

Standard Baking Company Portland Maine



An Introduction Into My Life...

It dawned on me today that I haven't really introduced you all to the life that I live.  I thought I'd take a little time today and do just that.  So pull up a chair, grab a cup of whatever beverage warms your heart, (right now I've got my cup of black coffee) and let me introduce you to my family.

I must start here:

my hubby

This dude rocks my world!  I'm still in a passionate love affair with him that started when I was in high-school.  Yup sometimes the high school sweethearts stick.

We love spending time together, riding motorcycles, taking pics and fooling around with videography.  We have dreams of someday doing a documentary together.. me holding my Nikon and he the video camera.

Next up.. I want to introduce you to the best one year anniversary gift that my man could give me:

my oldest

This is my oldest princess.  She has been such a blessing.  As a young mother, I'm sure that she got the majority of my "mistake parenting" but I don't think she's turned out to bad :)  She has dreams of becoming a romance/mystery writer when she grows up.  I'm pretty sure that Nancy Drew is her highest role model regarding her writing career.

Moving on to number two.  Almost exactly two years later (9 days shy to be exact) came the wild child.

my middle

You wouldn't guess it by looking at her but there is not a fear in this girls bones.  Some people assume that since we have a boy he's the crazy one but I just smile.  This girl has confidence and isn't afraid to dance, sing, or jump.  She's often the example of bravery that I, her mommy, need to be reminded of.  She wants to work with animals when she grows up.

Next up we have the little man.

my youngest

He's only 21 months younger than his sister and many people confuse them for twins.  He loves this.  Always climbing trees, riding his dirt bike and searching for snakes.. he keeps me on my toes.  We've been lucky to be able to say that so far we've not had stitches, although he's got some pretty awesome scars.  He isn't sure what he wants to be when he grows up.  As long as it's something fun.

Last but not least we have Montag, our awesome Golden Retriever.

(taken with instagram)

Montag loves chasing hula hoops that fly off the kids and I while we attempt to master new tricks and he is determined to hoop along with us.  He's also a big fan of chasing squirrels, rabbits and anything that will run with him, even the children.

Into A Tattoo Parlor I Go

almost done with round one

Yes.  The hot dude in the photo above is my amazing husband.  Poor guy gets to be my session Guinea pig on all these new and crazy ideas that pop into my head. Love you babe. :)

It has begun...  this was my first photo-shoot inside of a tattoo parlor.  I must confess, I was a little worried about the lighting but like usual, my fears were overrated.  I wanted to test it out to see if documenting tattoo's for other people might be something that I would consider.

What a blast I had.  

I was grateful that Christy was so kind to allow me to photograph her as she worked.  She is such an amazing artist.  (We won't go to anyone else for our ink).  She's been tattooing on us for close to seven years now.

You can visit her gallery here.


In case you were wondering.. the tattoo wasn't done "just" for my photo taking joys.  My hubby is slowly working on a half sleeve.  

after break

The vote:  YES I will go with you and be a part of documenting this awesome experience for you should this perk your interest.


There's nothing like a day at the beach with two photographers.

Courtney and I stumbled into a friendship because of our husbands and their love for motorcycle racing.  In the midst of parties and bonfires we formed a friendship--and then her family relocated to Florida.  We haven't let that stop us from packing up our camera's and making time to be together.

This past week we did just that.  We frolicked on the beach, snapped photos and chased around children.

Courtney is my photography critique partner.  We've agreed to receive and give one another creative criticism on our work.  We cheer each other on towards our individual big dreams for our business and are one another's biggest supporters.

You can visit her photography blog at Courtney Hizey Photography

How about you?  Have you found the cheerleader that your business needs?

I'm convinced the camaraderie makes all the difference.

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