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Some of you have asked, "Can I get my pictures taken but keep them private?"  I want to make it clear that I do not post ANYTHING up without your permission.  

This experience is all for you.  Every minute of it.  

After editing, if you have already shared with me that you'd be game to have your images on the website, I verify by sending you the exact ones that I am interested in posting up (via email) and should you choose to say yes, only then would your beautiful photos be displayed.  

You choose. 

You choose to say yes or no
You choose to be tagged in them or not
You choose YOUR amount of privacy  

I'm a very private person so I completely understand the concern.  I have taken photos for clients that want all of their images to remain private and for their hubby's eyes only.  

I dig this.  

Let Me Introduce You To Carly | N.C. Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

Carly is such a hoot to work with, she gives you the look that you are wishing for plus a little bit of her signature spunk thrown in.

She is a woman just like you, she balances her professional career with mothering two boys.

Carly has had her photos done at our studio so she has been in your shoes.  She knows what it's like to have butterflies in your stomach right before your shoot begins.  Carly helps you relax while pampering you as we talk, laugh and enjoy wine in the pre-shooting process.

Carly is just as passionate as I am about making YOU feel the GORGEOUS you that you are.  

You can now add Carly and her services to your Portrait Package for $100

Not My Client | N.C. Boudoir Photography

A couple of weeks ago I had a friend of mine share one of my blog posts on her Facebook page and she exclaimed so sweetly :) that "everyone should do this at least once."  There was a comment that ruffled both her and my feathers at first glance...  

It was from a man and he said that he disagreed, he didn't think it was right for a woman to have her photos taken like this but even if she did, it shouldn't be by anyone other than her husband in the privacy of their own home.  I didn't reply to him because I do feel that this is a very personal, very private experience.  

The husband and wife that want to tackle their own photos together, good for them!  

They are not my client.  

I'm looking for women who desire coaching.  Women that don't feel photogenic and want to be coerced out of the day to day shell that they find themselves in.  Women looking for a professional, someone that knows how to open their eyes and show them that YES they too can feel and look sexy.  

I want to remind women that changing diapers, waiting tables, or struggling with chemo, does not define them.

So even though some people may disagree with my mission to bring out sensual beauty in the midst of our chaotic lives, its ok with me.  

I'm not out to please everyone.  

That would be totally impossible.  I'm out to please only one-- her, you, my beautiful client needing a break from the chaotic every day.

Why I Don't Shoot Weddings | N.C. Boudoir Photography

I have done ONE wedding.  One very special wedding.  This beautiful bride is my sister-in-law and the lovely woman with her is my mother-in-law.

I loved photographing her wedding.  Not only is she my sister-in-law but she is such a dear friend.  I met her when she was only seven years old... I was head over heels in love with her brother.  We were basically raised together.  Her wedding was a great experience for me.

So, you wonder, why don't I do weddings?

Here's the deal:  I LOVE what I do.  I LOVE boudoir photography.  My heart is here:

Making the soccer mom, the cancer survivors, the curvy girls feel sensual and beautiful.  

The bride?  She knows she's gorgeous.

I have friends that adore photographing weddings.  They LOVE capturing this special event.  If you are interested, I'd gladly pass their info along to you, but for right now...

My passions are a bit different. :)

It's All About Emotion | N.C. Family Photography | N.C. Portrait Photographer

Why do I snap at times when you aren't ready?  Because if I get lucky, if I cross my fingers tight enough, I can capture some real emotion.  A real smile.

You may not be looking at the camera...
You may not have been ready...

but for some reason, it's your favorite.

Why?  because there, within that photo is an "inside joke."  When you look at your image and see the smiles, the imperfections, it's as if all of the sudden...

you remember.  

You remember why you and your son started laughing when attempting to get into a certain "pose" and it's in that moment that your heart warms.  It's in that moment that you remember your photo session with me and the memories that it created outside of a simple photo-shoot.

So yes, I love taking candid pictures, and have no intention of stopping.
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